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Hoeve & Rogers is a professional law firm with an excellent understanding of the local market. Our clients always resonate in every case that is handled by the in house attorneys. Hoeve & Rogers offers legal services in many practice areas with a high level of understanding of the local environment. Our expertise, knowledge, experience is exactly what sets Hoeve & Rogers an edge above the rest in its service approach in the following practice areas.

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Administrative law deals with the activities and decision-making of governmental bodies/agencies.
Have you submitted a request to government for a building permit, study financing etc. and said request has not been decided upon within the legally allotted time and/or said request was denied? If you are faced with such a situation, consider partnering with Hoeve & Rogers and we will assist you in achieving your goal.


Bankruptcy is the legal status whereby a person or legal entity is unable to repay their debts owed to its creditors. This legal status is imposed by a court and initiated by a debtor or prosecutor’s office. Do you and another creditor have a debtor that has proven his/her impairment of ability to pay you? Or are you impaired of the ability to pay your creditor? Contact us and we will assist you in the matter.


Hoeve & Rogers vigorously assists companies and individuals in collecting on debts. Our aggressive approach in combination with the knowledge of the law is key in obtaining the best result for our clients. Do you or your company have debtors that neglect their financial obligation? If so, then partner with Hoeve & Rogers and find a way to collect your funds.


Corporate law is the area of law that deals with the incorporation and operation of a business. Hoeve & Rogers understands the challenges that businesses encounter in today’s society. The path to excellent financial results is often time challenged with hiccups along the way. Hoeve & Rogers recognizes this and invites your company to partner with us and allow us to bear the burden of your legal matters.

We offer advice in the following matters:
– Incorporation of companies
– Labor related matters specifically tailored for companies such as employment agreements, collective labor agreements etc.
– Contracts
– (Product) liability
– Assistance in obtaining relevant licenses and permits
– Immigration related matters specifically tailored to companies such as obtaining directors licenses, residence and work permits.


Criminal law is the area of law whereby the Public Prosecutor’s Office – on behalf of the government – lodges an investigation against an individual or a company that may or may not result in criminal prosecution.
You and/or your company may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being a suspect in a criminal matter. Hoeve & Rogers will aggressively advocate for your best interest when you and/or your company are at conflict with the law.

We offer representation in the following matters:
– Traffic violations
– Restraining orders
– From misdemeanors to crimes such as theft, fraud, money laundering, (aggravated) assault, rape, manslaughter, murder etc.
– White collar crime


This area of law deals with matters such as divorce, child custody and visitation issues, child support etc. Are you faced with one of these matters? Hoeve & Rogers is willing to guide and represent all the way to the end by fighting zealously on your behalf.

We offer representation in the following matters:
– Divorce (alimony and division of assets)
– Marriage: advice regarding prenuptials
– Concubine agreements
– Custody of minor children
– Child support and visitation rights
– (Dis)establishment of paternity
– Guardianship of the elderly or mentally disabled
– Adoption
– Name change


Immigration law is the area of law that deals with admission and deportation of an immigrant to and from a country. Are you seeking or looking to maintain residency on one of the Dutch Caribbean islands or are you faced with deportation within one of the islands of our jurisdiction, do not hesitate to contact Hoeve & Rogers to assist you in this process.


Insurance law is the area of law that deals with the regulation of the business of insurance, regulation of the content of insurance policies and regulation of claim handling. Hoeve & Rogers can partner with your insurance company by you allowing us to bear the burden of your legal matter. We also represent individuals that are faced with insurance related matters.


Inheritance law is the area of law that regulates who is entitle to receive what from the estate of a deceased relative.
It is often time difficult losing a loved one. As such, in many instances, relatives put off dealing with the estate for many years. If you are faced with such a situation, contact Hoeve & Rogers to guide you through this process.


This area of law deals with a vast area of issues. It covers from labor contracts to dismissal and everything in between. Often times companies find it necessary to seek the service of a employment lawyer to make sure that they stay within the parameters of the law, as it keeps the staff happier and its conducive for great productivity. Do you want to ensure that your company stays within the parameters of the law? If so, then partner with Hoeve & Rogers!
We also represent individuals with labor related matters and assist them in seeking what they are entitled to based on the labor laws.


This area of law refers to the rules and practices involved in resolving legal disputes in the judicial system. Hoeve & Rogers litigate aggressively in all areas of practices mentioned on this website.


This area of law covers the relationship between landlord and tenant. Are you in dispute with your tenant or landlord? If so, do not hesitate to contact Hoeve & Rogers to assist you in this matter.


Telecommunication law is the area of law that deals with the system of electronic communications and broadcasting across the jurisdiction of the Dutch Caribbean islands in which we practice. Hoeve & Rogers advises on telecommunication related matters.

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